Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We're Almost There!

I know we said we were going to Italy on a mission for our church. Actually, we should have a month ago.  But, we are still here in Texas.  The reason?

The middle of September we took a little trip up to the Northwest (our favorite place), Seattle, the Olympic Peninsula, San Juan Islands, etc.  Had a great time.  Came home late.  Started laundry.  The next morning, I put all the laundry into the basket to bring it upstairs to fold.  It was super heavy and I was walking fast towards the bed to dump it all out.  Before I knew what was happening, somehow I tripped on a bag and down I went.  It was bad.  I’ve tripped here and there before and you know how you wait for a minute to see if everything is okay and then you get up and feel like a fool.  Well, this time, I knew something was really wrong.  I couldn’t move.  When Miles got to me (thank goodness he was home) and he was saying, "well, get up” and I went to push myself up and I had an excruciating pain in my left arm.  It was all floppy and I have never had such pain in my entire life.   I won’t go into all the ugly details.  

There’s too much to tell, but in a nutshell, I broke my arm.  And not a clean little break where they can put on a cute little pink cast and send you on your way.  I had a spiral fracture in my humerus going from about the middle all the way up into the ball of the bone.  It was in about 4 pieces.  I ended up staying 4 days in the hospital and having surgery where they put in a titanium plate and 10 screws.  Basically, my left arm got twisted in the basket or something and stayed back as I went forward.  The pain was worse than anything I've ever experienced.  

I've been going to physical therapy 3 times a week and it has helped me get my range of motion back.  I have a fabulous PT, (my son-in-law Xavier), who has worked wonders on me.  And despite the pain of the therapy, I know I have to do it to get my strength and range of motion to return.

So needless to say, our perfectly laid plans were delayed.  We will be leaving Texas on November 30th to go up to Utah for our training.  We go to the Missionary Training Center on December 5th where we will be trained for one week..  

We will be leaving for Italy on December 12th!  FINALLY!  It has been a pretty awful situation to go through, but I guess I’ll be the better for it.  We're just excited to finally start serving our mission!